Welcome to the investment section of

If you decided already to support your volunteer, NGO/NPO or social business of choice you will be aware that you are an investor now. Since you made a donation already, it is now on us to compensate your effort.

At Worlunteers we are very proud of our investors, who rewarded a utility brought to society by people who usually are not considered being economically relevant. 

Economical irrelevance of volunteering is subject to a missunderstanding of economics and utility. Worlunteers makes non-marketable goods accountable. If you are interested in a scientific debate, please contact our mastermind.

First of all I would like to thank you for your participation. You are the backbone of and the glue of social cohesion. You are the frontrunner who proves that donating to a greater cause is vital for a prospering civilization, because of your appreciation of social benefits provided and because of your support for art & culture. Civilization without caretaking and responsibility is simply unimaginable and you did a great job taking your responsibility by investing in those who sacrifice their lifetime.

This shall not be unrewarded and at we are always up to create Win-Win-Situations for all stakeholders. Therefore we developed a reward system for our investors that returns at least the financial stake invested.

What do we do to you?

Well, we pay out the Social Capital crypto economy token for each Euro donated towards a volunteer, a NGO/NPO or a social business that is listed on Therefore you will receive the same amount of Social Capital from Worlunteers e.V. as donations are made by you to our applicants.

Why is that a good thing?

Because we also offer a crypto economy marketplace called where you can purchase extraordinary art work in exchange for Social Capital from our supportive artists. With your choice for an exquisit piece of art you do not only take responsibility for volunteers, but you also develop our civilization by supporting art students that may turn out to be superstar artists in the future.

Your donation turns into an investment where you can profit from only by being responsible and altruistic.

But there is more you can do. Way more. Social Capital can be traded on decentralized exchanges.

That means that you do not only support volunteering, get rewarded in Social Capital, improve civilization and support artists, but you also get access to the crypto markets which are a vital part of web3, where Worlunteers brings you in. You can buy, sell, stake, exchange, donate or give away your Social Capital Token. Just like at a usual stock exchange only in realtime and with almost no fees.

As you can see, dear investor, donor and give awayer we thought deeply about how to cope with investment and capital strategies offered by banks or funds that are of course opposing us. We are highly competitive towards your investments. We can not afford to leave anyone worse off, because it is you who decides over all our social cohesion.