For NGO/NPO is specialized in crypto economics for non-profit and non-government organizations. 

We create crypto token for NGO/NPO worldwide that can be used as a reward for donators to the organizations.

We offer full service covering the creation of ERC20 and ERC721 token on the ethereum blockchain.

We also give advice in usage and trading of the respected token on decentralized exchanges.

Moreover offers its market place to NGO/NPO where the organization owned token can be used as vouchers to acquire art pieces for example. 

Finally we also support NGO/NPO in advertisement and merchandising to maximize the organizations token utility. is a revolutionary approach of fundraising that aims to create win-win-situations for all stakeholders. For you as an organization, for your donators, for artists and the society as a whole. Feel free to catch up with web3 and the Crypto Economy.

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