Our Service


Worlunteers e.V. is a European non-profit organization that runs a crowdfunding portal for volunteers and NGO/NPO. The organization rewards direct investments with a ERC20 crypto token called Social Capital. Social Capital is paid out in the same amount as investments in Euro are made.


Soca.market is the Crypto Economy Marketplace for Art & Culture. It is run by worlunteers.org. Soca.market trades against Social Capital only. Social Capital is an ERC20 token. It can be acquired through investments on the worlunteers.org website or at the uniswap decentralized exchange in Web3.



Kunstruktiv Consulting is the consulting agency working for Worlunteers e.V.
We support artists and NGO regarding crypto currencies and crypto economy issues from handling, over creation up to management of own token. We are specialized in ERC20 and ERC721 Ethereum token standard.
We handle any request regarding worlunteers.org, chartrocker.com and soca.market.
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