Worlunteers: We finance Volunteers Worldwide – Join, Reward, be Part

How to become a worlunteer
  1. You are working as a volunteer for a NGO/NPO.
  2. Your contract length lasts at least for four weeks. That is the minimum time horizon for a donation request.
What Worlunteers can do for you
  1. Worlunteers.org collects donations for your cause. Donations made are transfered DIRECTLY to your personal PayPal account.
  2. Worlunteers.org sets up a donation form and promotes your request on its social media channels and its websites.
  3. Worlunteers.org pays out its Social Capital crypto token to your supporters in the same amount of the donation made to you.
  4. Worlunteers.org tops up any donations made below the marginal income threshold in Social Capital on a
    ratio 1 Euro = 1 SOCA.
What do we need?
  1. We need a photo of your passport with your face next to it.
  2. We need a photo of the contract with your NGO/NPO.
  3. You need to be of legal age. Otherwise contact us.
What do you need?
  1. You need a paypal account to receive donations directly. If you do not have any paypal account or you are restricted in free capital movement worlunteers.org can collect donations for you. Nevertheless we recommend to get your OWN paypal account such that donations made are send directly to your account.
  2. We also recommend a stripe account if you would like to receive bank transfer or creditcard payments.
Feel free to contact us if you got any further questions. Worlunteers.org supports volunteers and NGO/NPO worldwide and we will accompany you through the whole process.

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