Influencer – How to use your volunteers full potential

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The competition on Social Media

Getting attention is a competitive subject. There are a lot of opportunities on Social Media but it is also well known that it is a time consuming and heavy workload to reach your audience. Despite there are several options from SEO over TikTok and Instagram Reels to Facebook posts or tweets. Each requires a certain content that represents the values of your organization. Large corporations operate Social Media departments with tenth of employees spending their time to optimize the public perception of the company.

Visibility is crucial for NGO/NPO

For NGOs and NPOs it is a bit more complicated. Many of them are not profit oriented and latently underfunded. Large Social Media departments are rarely available such that they need to find different ways to spread their cause. For a NPO/NGO it is vital to be publicly visible. They are limited in traditional business operations and rely on donations that guarantee independence from third party influence.

Your volunteers are your best influencers

Here comes into play. We are a social media agency that spreads the cause of your volunteers. We setup a donation form for each them to collect money for their workload. Meanwhile we spread the values of your organization by spreading your volunteers. Your volunteers turn into Social Media Influencer through their individual supporters base. Each click made on their profile, each video spread, each photo liked will make your NGO/NPO more famous.

Volunteers are undervalued human capital of your NGO/NPO

Your volunteers are the human capital whos utility can be heavily increased. The success of your volunteers extrapolates your own visibility. Your NGO/NPO will be recognized more the higher the amount of volunteers as Influencer becomes such that your organization and your volunteers enter a symbiosis that improves all of you. is your agency for a new way of thinking volunteerism. Your volunteers are your most underrated capital.

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